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Apps for Uber Drivers

Apps for Uber Drivers

Being an ride share driver, it’s common that you’ve locate quantity of applications that promise to assist you get the best from your business. There is a wide range of paid and unpaid applications available in the market but not these meet their full functionality. We’ve created a list of the greatest apps for Uber drivers, in respect using their purpose, that you can use to create your organization more profitable.

Finance Applications

We’ve listed finance applications together the best apps for Uber drivers as they permit the drivers to track their expenses and revenue to guarantee the continued profitability of the business. Keeping your entire cash inflow and outflow in order can also be another sure means of avoiding problems with the tax authorities.


The QuickBooks version made for self-employed people is the better application in the market to make use of if you intend to keep an eye on your entire expenses and revenues. By being updated with you mileage coverage on an everyday or weekly basis, you have the ability to pay your taxes and avoid heavy penalties.

QuickBooks has helped many Uber drivers to expand their taxi companies by enabling them to arrange their expenditure cash flow and get an summary of their performance which influenced decision making greatly. It ought to be noted, however, that QuickBooks is available after paying the monthly or yearly subscription. You should think about the impact that the subscription has on your organization and determine the return on investment of this application.


Wave is another option for those who can’t spend the money for few dollars that operating QuickBooks cost on a regular basis. It provides the driver the ability to track their expenses by connecting their bank accounts to the app and utilizing the camera to upload receipts. Additionally it allows an individual to gain access to other important functions available on QuickBooks such as for example invoicing and generation of reports.

Uber Passenger Application

You may be wondering why you will have the Uber passenger application installed in your phone whereas you are the driver. Having the passenger application allows you to see your marketability from the passenger’s view. It teaches you where all the other drivers are parked enabling you to proceed to a location that is not congested. This may not just boost your visibility but in addition enable you to own more rides at the end of the day.


Advancement in technology has enabled us to create a software for everything. There is several apps that enable one to discover a restroom located near them and this app can be very useful to Uber drivers. You could find that you’ve completed a trip in a neighborhood that you will be not familiar with. Apps like Flush will help you to get restrooms that you can use as you watch for another client.


One of the greatest ways for an Uber driver to save time on any ride and maximize on the amount of rides completed in any day is to make sure that they understand how to navigate in their section of operation. This can be achieved by memorizing the different streets that cause certain places. Another way is to use navigation apps that let you know ahead of time if your road is closed or there is traffic where you are headed.


Waze is a free app that delivers real-time feed regarding various roads. It is updated by drivers who utilize the application enabling one to know the conditions of the trail they’re using. Plans are underway to integrate a system in this navigation app that will enable its users to track expenditure against various locations.

·Google Maps

Here is the other navigation application that is commonly utilized by Uber drivers. Although more traditional that Waze, Google Maps is invaluable as it provides several alternative routes that you can use to arrive at the same destination. This can enable you to save on fuel using a route that is shorter and that has less traffic.

Mileage Tracking

Mileage tracking is essential for almost any driver. This isn’t only because it is used to find out simply how much you will soon be paid by Uber but also because it is used to calculate simply how much tax deduction you qualify for. Keeping reveal record of your mileage coverage can assist you to when filing for the per mile deductions by the end of the year. A few of the mileage tracking apps that you could download on your phone include;

·Stride Tax

It is the most frequent app among Uber drivers for tracking mileage. It is loved by many because it runs in the back ground and records every mileage covered. At the end of the season, you can see from the app simply how much you can claim in mileage deductions from the tax authorities. Additionally it scans for almost any new deductions that you qualify for according to your mileage coverage enabling one to make the most of such opportunities.

·Trip log

Trip log’s popularity has grown among Uber drivers in the recent past. Although the user interface is not as detailed as that of other navigation applications, it’s been favored by many due to the wide variety of activation options. It gives the driver the capacity to choose just how to initiate mileage tracking with the app, including the insertion of the telephone to the charging cable.


In the taxi industry, the degree of client satisfaction is directly proportionate to the quality of reviews you receive following the ride in addition to the chance of getting any tips. Among the ways to really make the ride more memorable is to truly have a great selection of music playing at the appropriate level through the entire journey. The universality of music has additionally proven to make worthwhile tune an excellent conversation starter between you and your client. Some of the best music apps available for Uber drivers include;


The free version with this app allows the passengers to produce a new playlist and seek out new songs that are determined by their previous music preferences. To be able to give this service to your clients, you should have a lengthy cord that can be used by the client while comfortably seated at the back.

Drivers with data limitations can install the premium version of the applying that’s covered; about 10 dollars per month. This version allows the driver to generate various playlists they can access offline.


Although well-liked by upcoming artists, Soundcloud is a great place to listen to live music shows which promise to offer and your client hours of uninterrupted musical entertainment.


The rapid change in the values of gas is really a major concern for almost any driver as it directly affects the operational costs of the car. Many regulatory bodies have been setup in lots of states to regulate the values of gas and it is essential for Uber drivers to learn their gas consumption trends in order to maintain profitability.

Gas Buddy is really a free application available on both androids and iPhones. It allows any driver to analyze the values of gas in stations available near his location. These prices are updated regularly by other users of the applying developing a network of drivers taking care of each other. By analyzing the different gas stations against their prices, a driver can make the most of reduced prices in one filing station allowing him to break even on a daily basis.


The prevailing weather conditions affect the rate that individuals use tax hailing applications as many individuals don’t wish to be confronted with adverse weather conditions. Tracking weather on a daily basis is one of many characteristics of successful Uber drivers because they are able to increase their earnings by ensuring that they’re available when the weather conditions change.


This is a free app that is certainly caused by pre-installed on all Android phones to offer weather predictions. You should use this application free of charge to test for almost any changes in temperature levels in addition to humidity and predict how these changes will affect your clients.

·Weather Underground

This really is another common weather app that will work for Uber drivers. It has a very user friendly interface that enables the user to obtain customized notifications of any weather changes expected in the area. Weather Underground differs from Accu-Weather in that it allows you to produce a schedule for the next couple of days against the weather predictions given.

Roadside assistance

If your insurance doesn’t offer 24/7 roadside assistance, you should look at getting one of many following roadside applications that may come in handy when you get stuck in the midst of the night.


Urgently is extremely popularly employed by many Uber drivers because it is pocket-friendly and offers roadside assistance services at a flat rate. In addition, you don’t need certainly to incur any monthly subscription charges or renewal premiums. A few of the services they give include fuel refill and towing of the car to the nearest dealership.They could offer a mechanic to repair your vehicle traveling and enable you to complete the ride.

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· Honk

Although this app claims to be free, you will have to purchase among their packages to take pleasure from the wide variety of services that they offer. The services that you could expect under the free version of the app include towing and flat tire exchange only. This limitation is what makes most drivers prefer using urgently application where you stand assured of any kind of road assistance at all times.

Airport Schedules

Airports provide the very best business point for almost any Uber drivers when you are guaranteed of a big pool of clients and you’re able to charge them international rates. This is the reason it is essential to have airport schedules installed on your phone so that you can make the most of the peak hours which have many fights arriving or departing.

·Flight View

This app can be used on literally any airport and it allows the Uber driver to track airplanes from one airport to another. Additionally it shows the parking status in the airport, allowing the driver to select prime locations where they’re visible to numerous clients when they land.

·Flight stats

This really is another free application for airport schedules that gives anyone using the application with real-time updates on flights coming and leaving a particular airport. Additionally it features updates on the weather and the expected delays in flights.

Driver Apps

You will see that many taxi drivers operate several taxi hailing application. This might get confusing sometimes but you will find applications which were developed with this type of drivers in mind.


This application was developed to help drivers who use both Uber and Lyft to obtain the very best out of both companies. It integrates the 2 systems and helps you filter the ride that you ought to take at any given time. The ride chosen is decided by the conditions such as for example pricing and distance that you set on the app.

·Fare Pilot

This is actually the last application that any Uber driver must have on their phone if they want to take advantage of their business. Fare Pilot is certainly caused by used when you drive from the normal operating zone. When you transform it on, it searches for any taxi client who is within the positioning that you will be in. Once the client sends the request for a ride, you’re better placed to receive it compared to the other taxis for the reason that area.

Are you ready to Profit from Uber Business?

You are able to take your Uber business to another location level by using all of the applications listed above. These apps have proven to increase the returns from the tax industry by minimizing operational cost which has been made possible by optimum use of different technologies. Carry on and download these apps and become a professional Uber driver while making more money.