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Beware Of Rental Scams.

Remain vigilant when renting a car: some vehicle rental companies attract you with extremely low car rental rates, but you have to add car insurance and gas costs which quickly drive up the bill.

How To Sign A Leasing Contract For A Vehicle?

Also, beware of deliberately vague rental contracts on the issue of car insurance. Be sure to read your contract carefully before leaving.

Only sign if you agree.

Do not sign anything if you believe that certain clauses are unfair: when returning the vehicle, the rental company could demand certain things from you that appear in the contract without you even suspecting it.

Requirements for renting a car

You must be over 21 and have had your B license for at least one year to rent a car. For some vehicles, it is even necessary to be over 25 years old.

When you pick up your vehicle, you must present:

  • your identity card;
  • your driver’s license ;
  • possibly proof of address.

Some rental companies may also ask you for proof of income. Several people can drive the borrowed vehicle as long as they present the same documents when picking up the vehicle.

The inventory of the rented vehicle

At the time of departure, inspect the rented car carefully: check its condition and mention on the rental contract any damaged parts of the car: scratches, tires, headlights.

When you return the vehicle, the rental company cannot ask you to pay repairs for which you are not responsible.

Also, remember to compare the mileage displayed on the dashboard and that mentioned on your contract. The two must match. Otherwise, you will be charged more than the number of kilometers you drove.

Finally, check that the tank of the vehicle you are renting is full. On your return, you will also have to refuel to bring the car back in the condition the rental company lent it to you. Otherwise, the rental agency will charge you for a full gas tank at the price it has decided.

Rental: cases where the insurance does not work

Regardless of the guarantees taken out, there are cases where the lessee of the rental car must pay. These are cases in which car insurance never comes into play, namely:

  • The theft of the keys, the inability to return them to the lessor;
  • Claims related to driving while intoxicated, taking medication, narcotics, etc.;
  • Damage occurring when the car should already have been returned;
  • In the event of claims, if false information about the identity of the driver or his driving license has been communicated;
  • In the event of damage to the car;
  • In the event of use of the car in the context of accompanied driving;
  • In case of use of the car for tests, competitions;
  • In the event of attempted suicide or attempted fraud.

Car rental: be careful behind the wheel!

Be careful on the road. Drive responsibly and obey speed limits. At the wheel of a rented car, be extra vigilant. You might as well avoid any collision or accident that will increase the bill with the rental company. Do not leave any personal belongings visible on the seats or the back seat when you park.

How much does it cost to rent a car?

Renting a car online can save you money on your car rental. All you need to do is enter some information on the sites offering a car rental service, namely the city, the date and time you want to borrow a car, and the place and time where you plan to return it.

Paying the car rental directly on a site will often cost you less than if you pay at a car rental company. Online payment can indeed give you access to discounts.