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Can You Buy a Car without a License?

Can You Buy a Car without a License?

Do you need a license to buy a car? No, you don’t. In fact, you can do it legally at a dealership or a private sale. You can also apply for regular financing for either a new or used vehicle.

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1. How to buy a car without a license

Let’s look at common situations where you can buy a car without owning a driver’s license.

1. Birthday gift

When you want to surprise a business colleague or sibling with a new car, you won’t register it in your name. The dealership will deliver the surprise birthday gift as well as its title and necessary forms to fill. Your name will only appear in the bill of sale.

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2. Wedding gift

Your colleague is having a wedding in six months and you want to surprise him with a brand new car. Since this is a common practice, nine out of ten car sales reps won’t look at your driving license.

3. Collectible

A collectible car doesn’t move around much. It’s also hard to insure a car that was last manufactured thirty years ago. That’s why you really won’t need to present your driving license when purchasing a vintage model.

4. Business needs

A business that produces goods requires a reliable means of transport for customer deliveries. In this situation, you’ll have to register the vehicle under your company’s name. Car sales rep will guide you on how to achieve this.

5. For your adorable teenager

If you have a son or daughter who already has a license, it’s easy to buy a car without involving your license. Your name appears on the title and insurance because minors cannot get credit financing.


2. What challenges should you expect?

1. No test drives

Be prepared to inspect your car while it’s stationary. No car sales rep will allow an unlicensed driver to sit behind the wheel and go on a test drive. Why? Because if an accident occurs and the insurance company finds out what happened, they won’t compensate any damages.

2. Hard time finding a willing insurance provider

Insurance agencies usually reject motorists without drivers’ licenses because it raises identity concerns. So, get ready to knock several doors and do plenty of talking.

3. Skeptical car sales reps

If you live in a city with a high crime rate, then you might come across skeptical car sales reps. This bunch might believe that you’re planning to buy the car to carry out a drive-by or traffic narcotics.

4. Extra costs

Despite paying for the car, you cannot deliver it to its destination. You’ll have to pay shipping fees to get the car delivered to a specified physical address.

5. Expensive insurance premiums

The difficulty in obtaining insurance without a driver’s license exposes one to exploitation. A few of the insurance providers that offer covers to motorists without licenses charge almost double the usual rate.

6. Delays in obtaining financing

Creditors require buyers to have insurance covers before obtaining financing. The difficulty in obtaining car insurance affects your auto loan application process. Why? Because the bank cannot approve your loan until you have a cover.

3. How to overcome these challenges

1. Bring along a friend with a license

A test drive enables you to do fluid leak tests. You can also test the quality of suspensions by braking at different speeds.  How do you convince the car sales rep to let you have a test drive? By tagging along with a friend with a driving license

2. Don’t wait to shop for insurance at the last minute

Start asking around to find a decent insurance provider with affordable premiums. Visit popular online car forums and visit car bazaars because you’ll interact with motorists with diverse experiences.

3. Find out the best dealerships that sell to buyers without licenses

As a buyer, you deserve the best customer care when making a purchase at any dealership. That’s why it’s important to get to know good car dealerships that willingly sell vehicles to buyers without licenses. You don’t want an unpleasant experience because the sales rep wrongly assumes that your lack of a driving license makes you a criminal.

4. Have the driver or new owner come pick it up

If you’re on a tight budget, you can avoid shipping charges by having the driver or owner pick it up. This only applies to a chauffeur, business employees, and your children.


Now you know!

Buying a car without a license is a fairly easy process once you get your insurance sorted out in advance. You won’t pay any extra charges on your auto loan and this makes it convenient.

It’s advisable to lower your monthly payments by paying a huge deposit. This reduces your financial burden brought about by expensive insurance premiums.