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How Do I Calculate The Budget For My Wedding?

Wedding plans? It’s time to do numbers and set a budget. We help you calculate how much it could cost with the approximations of the essential items.

The wedding dress, the bouquet, the decoration, the banquet, the photographers. There are many factors to consider when making numbers and forecasting an approximate budget of what your wedding will cost.

Who doesn’t care how much we’re going to spend on our wedding? Organizing a celebration like the ‘Yes, I do’ is not just anything, and yes, it has a price; but we also want to enjoy this day for what it is: unique. For this reason, it is better to organize well and do certain accounts beforehand. Thus, we will avoid surprises and the need to request loans.

Follow these steps, and you will be able to get a rough idea of ​​how much you will spend on your future wedding. You can also use a wedding loan calculator.

The first thing you should know is the number of guests. A wedding of 100 is not the same as a wedding of 500. Although, in these times, capacity restrictions rule, and these regulations will be dictated by the circumstances of the pandemic in which we are immersed that will mark ‘the ceiling’ of guests to which we can arrive to avoid risky situations.

It is important to know this number as soon as possible because other relevant items of the wedding will depend on it, such as the venue, guests’ details, or the number of invitations.

The advantages of not exceeding the number of guests and reaching an affordable figure are that you will be able to surround yourself with who you want to be on your day, you will have more time to have fun with them. You will spend your budget on other details than with a larger capacity would be difficult.

Depending on your budget, consider them according to your priorities. We talk about a wedding planner,  photocall, gifts for guests, food corners, children’s entertainment, live music.

The honeymoon trip is the second most important expense. Its cost varies according to the destination and the chosen duration, although it is difficult to find a few days off for less than 1,500 per person. If you decide not to go too far from your country, the price of the Honeymoon will drop considerably.

Finally, check that VAT is included when making calculations and comparing the different prices that suppliers will offer you. On many occasions, they do not include it until the end to simulate that they offer a more attractive price, and the final result is very different.