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How The App That Delivers Cars For Rent Works

Having your car can sometimes be the most comfortable. Still, it also brings many expenses and responsibilities that are not always justified, especially if they are only needed for a few days in the month and idle most of the time. Faced with this, flexible carsharing by delivery and subscription is a possible solution.

Should You Rent A Car Or Drive Your Own On A Road Trip?

It is basically about renting a car, but not in the traditional way, which involves going to an agency, signing many papers, taking the car with you, and then returning to the same place to return it.

Why Rent A Car One Way?

With the new system, from the cell phone, the person requests a vehicle for a certain time or hires a subscription that allows him to request a car whenever he wants, or it suits him to drive one.

This, in addition, is done in the app of a company that delivers and picks up the vehicle at the indicated address, which can be the door of the home, the office, the gym, or any other place.

How does the modality work, and how much does it cost?

Through the app, you can, for example, book compact, medium, automatic, executive, cargo, adventure, luxury, eco-hybrid, or SUV models, among other variants of different marks.

They offer them three contracting formats:

  • Daily rental. It is the most suitable option for those who only need to drive from time to time. It costs $2,690 per day.
  • Flexible Subscription. Allows you to use the car 5 days, 10 days, or 15 days in the month of your choice. It costs $2,818 per day.
  • Monthly subscription. The vehicle can be used throughout the month at a lower price per day. It costs $2,286 per day.

These daily rental values ​​apply to an economical vehicle like the Volkswagen Up. For a compact (Ford Ka), they start at $2,790 per day, for a medium (Renault Logan) at $3,090, and an executive (Nissan Versa) at $3,890, for example.

Savings, the main attraction

Micro-rental apps and vehicle subscriptions are a growing trend throughout the world. They are even more viable in our country due to the very high values ​​of vehicles and the high cost of maintenance and insurance.

They calculate that currently, a flexible subscription for 5 days per month ends up costing only 4% more than maintaining your own car if you consider all the fixed expenses (insurance, garage, license plate, etc.) and the profitability lost by having immobilized the car. Money a vehicle is worth instead of investing it.

Although they offer home delivery paying extra in some cases, they are mainly based on networks of stations where you must go to pick up and return the vehicles every time you use them.

They also contemplate the option of renting cars, vans, or utility vehicles for periods of less than whole days. They have rates by the hour and, in some cases, by the minute.