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9 Signs You’re a Victim of Identity Theft & How to Avoid it

There are lots of aspects of financial interactions that affect credit, most which Americans know and understand. All things considered, the fact that defaulting on a car loan, carrying a credit card balance, skipping payments, or filing for bankruptcy are credit killers is common knowledge.

When someone steals your identity, they are able to do lasting harm to your credit, making even bad credit auto loans hard to secure. Protecting yourself from identity theft is vital, especially inside our digital era where information is indeed readily available. Here are some ways to safeguard yourself against identity theft and most of the credit perils that are included with it, from mountains of debt to bad credit auto loans.

9 Signs Your Identity Has been Stolen

  • Strange transactions are taking place in your banking account you didn’t expect
  • Suddenly, your bills and other mail stop coming in the mail as they’d normally do.
  • Your checks bounce.
  • You get annoying calls from debt collectors saying you borrowed from people money there is a constant did business with.
  • Your credit card statement is showing strange transactions that there is a constant allowed.
  • You receive medical bills in the mail once you never received medical services.
  • Your health benefits don’t work anymore because all of your plan’s benefits have been consumed by someone else.
  • You apply for medical insurance however the insurance company says you’ve a condition you’ve never had.
  • You find right out of the IRS that more the other tax return has been done in your name once you go to file.
  • You’re notified of a data breach at the area you work or do business.

How to Protect Yourself From Identity Theft

Protect Your Personal Information

The simplest way to strive to prevent identity theft is to keep your information private. Don’t share personal information when you don’t have to. Including becoming a member of services online that ask for unnecessary information or including your social security number on frequently seen documents, such as your drivers license. Often be cautious. In case a magazine salesman calls and wants to market you National Geographic, don’t give him your social just because he asks. Be smart about your private info.

Destroy Digital Info

Although it may be compelling to keep files on your pc with private information so that you do not lose it, it’s not wise. If you keep sensitive files in your hard drive, white out social security numbers, birth dates, and other information. Hacking is easy; don’t make it easier for computer thieves to take your identity along with your meaningful files.

Use a Shredder

You understand those personalized credit card applications which come in the mail every couple of days that you toss without opening? If you simply throw them away, it’s easy for another individual to fill one out in your name. Shred any mail or paperwork that you do not need in order to keep your information safe. While almost any shredder is better than no shredder, a cross shredder is the best option.

Protect Your Checks

Still use paper checks? Limit the info that appears there. You don’t need to add your address on checks, despite the present trends. Avoid using checks when possible, but once you do, keep the quantity of information printed there to a minimum.

Identity theft can be quite a devastating occurrence. It might take years to recuperate and remedy the damage that takes place, including the consequences identity theft could have in your credit report.Protecting yourself against identity theft can really make a difference in your credit score and even your capability to secure bad credit auto loans. By staying vigilant, you can protect yourself and your loved ones using this financial disaster.

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