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No Credit Check Car Lots

What are No Credit Check Car Lots?

No credit check car loans are dealership financing programs you get when you visit a car lot that can help you get a reliable vehicle if you have a low credit score.

Acquiring financing under normal terms when your credit score falls below 500 is not easy

If you manage to find a willing bank or credit union you’ll be limited to applying for loans of $1,000 or even less. Today, we’ll look at a better alternative in the form of no credit check car lots.

Can You Get a Car with No Credit Check?

Yes, no credit lenders work like any other finance plan.

These loans are good if your bad credit stops you from acquiring a car loan from your bank.

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No Credit Check Car Loan Requirements

A Proper Ratio of Debt to Income

Debt to income ratio compares the percentage of your debt responsibilities against your income per month. Every lender wants to see a low debt to income ratio. Let’s say your debt payments are higher than 43%. This means that they take up over 43% of your income. In such a case only a few lenders will work with you.

However you can still get a loan even with a high debt to income ratio if your income and credit score is good. One thing you should be prepared for is rejection from some lenders who will not want to take risks.

The best way you can deal with this problem is by paying any existing loans you’ve got. This will reduce your debt to income ratio percentage before you can apply for a no credit car loan.

A Guaranteed Surrender

A guarantee is something you agree to surrender to your lender if you’re unable to continue paying your loan. In this case your car is your guarantee and its value will determine the amount you can borrow. For instance you won’t borrow more than the value of your car. This is why you need to raise a down payment to cover the difference.

A Down Payment

Some loans need down payment and what you’re willing to put down determines the amount of money you can borrow. If for example you pay a high down payment amount, you can pay the loan faster.

Some no credit check lenders will give you a loan either requiring a small or no down payment at all. However you may end up paying higher interest for the loan.

Proof of Liquid Assets

Lenders are happy to see that you’ve some cash in your money market or savings account. They’ll also want to know whether you’ve assets you can convert into cash apart from your down payment.

This way, they’re sure that even when you’re faced with difficult times you’ll still manage to pay your loan. If you’ve got little or no savings then your interest rates will be higher.

A Decent Credit Score

A no credit check car loan lender usually obtains your credit score via a soft check. The good thing about these lenders is that the minimum credit score is lower. Some lenders will offer financing even when your credit score is as low as 500 while others won’t need any ratings.

At Least 18 Years Old

You should at least be 18 years old to get financing. However, different states have different requirements in terms of age.

Proof of Income

You’ll need a job or any other proven source of income.

A Bank Account

You can either have a savings or checking account depending on your lender.

A car loan no credit lender will assess your financial status. They’ll also consider different factors to determine your creditworthiness. Some of these factors include your employment and income.

They may also assess your bank account standing. No credit check loans are usually short term meaning they take 3-5 years.

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What are the pros and cons of a dealership?


  • Promotional pricing

Dealerships can offer up to 0% annual percentage rates on specific new car models which makes them a better option. It’s important to understand that these offers may not apply to bad credit borrowers.

  • One day shopping

When getting financing from your dealer it means that you’ll get both loan and car at the same time and place. This way you’ll walk-in at the dealership and drive out with your car in a day. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t compare different dealership car loan options.

  • Room for negotiation

Understand that when a dealership arranges for your financing they become a middleman. They’ll want to gain from the loan which is why they charge high rates. Even then dealerships leave room for negotiation. If you already have a loan offer from your credit union or bank find out if your dealer can offer a lower rate.


  • Lack of personal relationship

Your dealer may end up financing your car loan through a bank you’re unfamiliar with. The problem with this arrangement is that this bank won’t be lenient if you’re unable to make payments. The other disadvantage is higher rates that we’ve already discussed above.

Loans with no credit pros and cons

No credit check loans may appear like a good way of covering for an emergency car breakdown or any other sudden expenses. However they come with some risks. To be on the safe side try to get detailed information about them. Let’s discuss the pros and cons of loans with no credit.


  • Good credit is not a requirement

If you’ve got bad ratings then a no credit check loan comes in handy during emergencies. When borrowing from bad credit lenders you won’t go through any written process. However some no credit check loan lenders have some tight policies on debt to income requirements. These can bar you from accessing a loan.

  • They’re fast

No credit check loans act as some type of financing link which helps you survive before your next paycheck. This is why virtually all no credit loan providers process your application within 24 hours. In some cases borrowers will walk out with their money the same day.


  • They’re costly

You’ll enjoy fast and flexible terms but the loans can be quite expensive. These lenders deal with high-risk consumers. For this reason they have to charge high-interest rates compared to traditional lenders.

  • They don’t boost your credit score

People with bad credit often have a poor history of making payments. Making timely payments improves your credit score and you want it to reflect on your history. The problem here is that some no credit check lenders don’t present your payment details to credit bureaus.

This means you won’t be recognized for making timely payments. By defaulting your no credit check loan you end up damaging your credit ratings. This is because the lender often forwards your account to collection agents. Agents later report your account to credit bureaus.

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10 Tips on Getting Good No Credit Check Car Loans

When you have a bad credit score finding a favorable auto loan can be tricky but don’t lose hope. Here are proven tips to help you get a car loan with no credit.

1. Assess your credit status

If you want to buy a new car start monitoring your credit report in advance. Check for anything that’s hurting your credit rating and pay it off. This way you boost your chances of getting approved with friendly terms.

2. Research

Be as prepared as possible to ensure you don’t get caught unexpectedly at the negotiating table. One of the best ways of preparing is through research. Start by checking specific terms such as annual percentage rate, cosigner requirements, and value of the car you need.

3. Clear outstanding debts

If your lender sees any red flags such as rent arrears or pending child support payments they might get cold feet. Clearing outstanding debts presents you as a financially responsible borrower.

4. Make a high down payment

Where possible try to pay a high down payment to offset your fees and interest taxes. This will also allow you to choose different makes and models of vehicles. A high down payment lowers the amount you’ll owe on the car. It’s important to note that a good down payment depends on the total value of the car. With a high down payment you’ll easily convince your lender that you’re able to repay the loan. It reduces the lender’s risk because they won’t be lending a large amount on the car and this will lower your interest rates.

5. Know what you can comfortably pay

Always indicate an amount that you can pay comfortably. It’s true that you may be tempted to overstate the amount to increase your chances of getting a better car. However, a pricey car comes with expensive insurance and high fuel costs.

6. Get pre-approval

Are you wondering how this will help you? It will allow you to understand the amount you need to work with which will help you remain realistic while shopping. Discuss with your credit union or bank on obtaining a car loan to understand the pre-approval process. What should you do when your bank can’t approve of you? Ask your salesman to connect you with a reliable lender who works with vehicle buyers with poor credit.

7. Pass the extras

With bad credit you’re auto loan won’t finance fancy car features such as sunproof leather seats. You can even skip the premium speaker system for now and make some monthly payments instead.

8. Consider nonprofit agencies

Before you c accept an expensive car loan find out if there are nonprofit agencies in your region. The good thing about these is that they offer car loans to low income and bad credit consumers.

9. Consider buy here pay here options

Buy here pay here car dealers offer on-site financing. BHPH dealers work with you to set up flexible loan payment terms. By buying a car from a buy here pay here dealer you get a chance to test drive the car. If you’re not happy with your purchase you can always return it. Trading in an older car for a new one is easier with BHPH dealers than it would be with traditional dealers.

10. Read through the paperwork

Understand that even though loan documents are often complicated you can’t afford to risk your credit and money. Make sure you understand the terms of your loan. This way you’ll be sure that everything that the dealer says is written on paper. Only sign the papers when you’re fully satisfied.

No Credit Check Car Lots FAQ’s

How can I find a reputable lender?

You’ll need to shop around. The first lender you meet may not always offer a great deal. Still you can’t rely on the biggest brands to give you friendly no credit car loans. To get good offers you need to discuss your needs with different lenders before making a comparison.

You can compare at least three different lenders to expand your options. Your preferred loan should help you understand the options you’ve got on lenders. Below are some ways of getting help

Ask around

Ask your friends or family members for suggestions. If you’ve colleagues who have borrowed before they can be in a good position to recommend a reliable lender. Where possible seek guidance from someone who is experienced about the type of loan you need.

Borrow from loved ones or acquire peer to peer loans

Before borrowing from family members and friends you need to understand that money can damage good relationships. With peer to peer loans you can avoid the bank without risking your relationships. Borrowing from online lenders is safer but only deals with popular sites to avoid problems in the future.

Will I have to pay any fees?

Depending on your lender you may need to pay a one-off fee for the loan. You could also be penalized for making late payments which adds to the total loan costs.

Will I need a cosigner?

Yes. Having a cosigner if your credit history is bad will be an added advantage. They increase your chances of getting no credit check car loan approval. A cosigner ensures that you meet your responsibility for making timely payments to the lender. He also commits himself to make the payment if you default or facing financial instability.

Get Approved Today

No credit check car loans help you bounce back even with subprime ratings. You can save money by asking your friends to help you identify reputable lenders near you. Also, get a cosigner in advance before signing any papers.

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