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Price Of A Vehicle Rental

The car rental price varies according to the models borrowed and the duration for which they are rented. For a small model of a 3-door vehicle, count between 30$ and 40$ per day based on a week’s rental.

Beware Of Rental Scams.

Beware of attractive packages such as 20$ per day. These formulas can hide a bad surprise: often, administrative fees, car insurance, various taxes are not taken into account in the calculation of the price of a car rental.

How To Sign A Leasing Contract For A Vehicle?

Ensuring the rented vehicle: how does it work?

For the most part, car rental contracts include a minimum car insurance formula: civil liability. This third-party auto insurance covers material damage and bodily injury caused to others you are responsible for. Be aware that auto insurance for a leased vehicle is rarely “all-risk” insurance. All the more reason to be careful while driving.

Self-service cars

Why self-service cars? Studies show that 50% of trips in the city do not exceed 3 km. Getting bread, doing some shopping, or accompanying the children to school are all mechanical journeys that we are used to making my car. We could leave the car in the garage for most of us and thus reduce our gas bill.

Car sharing: an individual car available to everyone

Several towns in Switzerland, Germany, and the Netherlands have already tried the car-sharing experience. The principle is simple: goodbye to the individual car, make way for self-service vehicles for everyone. Note that a self-service vehicle is equivalent to 7 individual cars. Reducing pollution, saving time and space, and reducing your car budget are all advantages.

If you cover less than 10,000 km per year, it is more advantageous to borrow a self-service vehicle than your private car.

Self-service vehicles: how does it work?

Small utility for your move or shopping, sedan for a family weekend, most self-service cars is electric, hybrid, or very fuel-efficient. Register with the organization in charge of self-service cars. Show your driver’s license, proof of address, and bank account details.

The subscription costs around $8 per month, which must be added a service invoiced according to the number of kilometers driven and the duration of use of the vehicle. 24/7, you can book a car by phone or Internet. After indicating your location, you are directed to the nearest available car. Once you have made your trip, you drop off the car in one of the many areas provided for this purpose.