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Top 10 Most Reliable Used Car Brands

When buying a car, especially a car which is financed over the span of many years, reliability is vital. Nobody wants to get stuck making payments on a car that spends all its amount of time in the shop, so getting the very best value in auto loans entails getting much on a dependable car (learn about zero down car loans). However, the reliability of individual car models and even car brands varies year to year. Probably the most reliable used car brands from many years ago mightn’t be the most reliable car brands of today.

Every year, several sources publish reports that rank both used and new cars for reliability. U.S. News & World Report publishes a “10 Most Reliable Car Brands” report, J.D. Power publishes a “Car Dependability Ratings” report, and Business Insider publishes a listing of the “19 most reliable used cars of 2018” with assistance from market research from J.D. Power studies.

Guide to the top 10 most reliable used car brands

Listed here is a look at brands which can be considered the most reliable out of 2015 models. We also checked that brand against a listing of most reliable new cars of 2018. If a brandname matches on both lists, then used car buyers are more likely to get a dependable car whether they obtain a 2015, 2016, or 2017 used car of that model. Other factors, such as exactly how many models a brandname has on lists, are also considered. With that in your mind, listed here are the most effective 10 used car brands of 2018:


Chevrolet makes the brand reliability list for new cars of 2018, and it has four models—the Malibu, Equinox, Traverse, and Silverado—that produce the listing of reliable used cars. That is an extraordinary lineup of dependability across several types of vehicles. From midsize car to compact and midsize SUV to full-size pickup truck, Chevy has dependable vehicles that drivers can rely.


The Prius and Tacoma make the list for Toyota. It’s no real surprise to lovers of the Prius hybrid that the 2015 model makes the list for most reliable compact car. Despite the fact that the Toyota Prius is one of the most electronically and mechanically complex cars on the market, it posseses an extraordinarily good track record of reliability. Toyota cars are unlikely to breakdown, and they suffer catastrophic malfunctions at a lower rate compared to the competition. Whilst the Prius isn’t for everyone, the high initial price is justified by the savings both in fuel and in maintenance. Obtaining the Toyota Tacoma on the list for most reliable midsize pickup just demonstrates Toyota consistently delivers dependable vehicles across all types. Toyota’s years and years of reliability makes this brand a great choice for first time car buyers who could need to keep their used car for several years.


Another of the usual Asian brands is back. The Kia Rio wins most reliable small car of 2015. While other Kia models don’t win top recognition within their category, the fact new Kia models remain well-liked by consumers keeps Kia as a front-runner for most reliable car brands. The Kia Rio will come in a sedan or hatchback and is a simple small car. Kia models include some of the finest warranties in the market, and thus even a somewhat used car could have many years of warranty left. That along with a modest price makes Kia a trustworthy and affordable car brand for anyone like as a student on a limited budget.


In the sounding minivans, Honda delivered big with the 2015 Honda Odyssey. The Odyssey gets good gas mileage because of its size, but its reliability is most important. If you’ll need a minivan, then you have kids who need to get to school, sports, and other events. An applied Odyssey has proven reliable for the last few years. In fact, most Honda models consistently achieve high reliability ratings year after year. The brand’s dependability and affordable pricing makes an applied Honda a great choice for car buyers with bad credit.The most effective loan you can get may not have ideal terms, but an applied Honda with a competitive price can help you pay off the loan faster.


Ensuring never to disappoint, Hyundai makes the listing of reliable used car brands. The 2015 Hyundai Tucson is the most reliable used small SUV on the market today. There have been zero recalls issued on this small SUV. Compact size means good gas mileage. That along side brand dependability make this car a great buy.Hyundai cars are typically affordable, which makes this brand a feasible option if your no credit check car loan is the sole kind of loan you can get.


American automaker Ford makes the list with two large vehicles topping their categories. The 2015 Ford Expedition and 2015 F-250 Super Duty pickup truck are the most reliable large SUV and large durable pickup, respectively. Gas mileage is average for how big the vehicles, and both vehicles are dependable without any recalls issued for the Expedition and only one recall ever issued for the F-250 pickup. While Ford is not really a most reliable brand for new cars, these large models are extremely dependable proper needing ample interior room or hauling capabilities.


The 2015 Dodge Challenger takes the award for most dependable midsize sporty car. This category is separate from midsize car and luxury midsize car, nevertheless the Challenger still beat out added sports cars. Not merely does the 2015 Challenger have a distinct and stylish look, but it has already established relatively few problems. Like all sports cars, the vehicle should be finely tuned for proper performance. With good maintenance, the 2015 challenger has proven itself more dependable over other used midsize sports cars. Do you will want sports vehicle but have bad credit? Don’t feel that car is impossible for you really to get. Even though you are believed a high-risk borrower, it might be possible to get in the driver’s seat of a sports car. And a Challenger should reliably stop you traveling throughout the size of a loan.


The Buick Lacrosse is the most dependable large car of 2015. Not merely is the Buick Lacrosse a trustworthy used car, nevertheless the Buick brand is highly trusted as well. Buick consistently performs well, and every one of the brands new models have even received above-average reliability rating. Whether it’s the 2015 Buick Lacrosse or another used Buick model, odds are that the vehicle will be very dependable for a long time to come.


A well-made vehicle with luxurious interior and great driving—that’s a BMW. No recent BMW models have already been awarded best used car within their category, but several models did rank high in their categories. The BMW brand remains dependable for used cars, but foreign car maintenance and repair fees should be considered. Plus, a recently available used BMW can be expensive and may need a longer auto loan to pay for that the top of line BMW model you have your eye on.


Toyota Motor Company’s luxury brand Lexus has several dependable premium vehicles. The 2015 Lexus CT, ES, GS, and RX all rank high in their used car categories that vary from premium compact car (the ES) to premium midsize SUV (the RX). It is a safe bet that a lot of any recently used Lexus model and year will provide reliable transportation for a long time to come. However, even slightly used, these luxury cars may be expensive. You are able to lease a luxury brand car, but when you have bad credit you may wish to research possible leases and find one right for your credit score and the true luxury car you want.