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What Does The Phrase “Lease With Option To Buy” Mean?

Lease with the option to purchase makes it possible to finance a new vehicle. The rent is calculated as follows: Price of the discounted vehicle – Value of the purchase option at the end of the contract. rent to own cars san antonio

The rent is calculated according to the following elements

  • the vehicle
  • the duration of the contract (24, 36, 48, or 60 months)
  • the number of kilometers traveled during the duration of the contract (max 100,000 km)

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Finance and ride

The principle is simple; Elite Auto finances the difference between the discounted purchase price of the vehicle and the vehicle redemption value:

  1. Simplicity

You control your car budget. With Elite Auto, you benefit from a significant discount on the price of the vehicle. Discounts can be up to 40%.

  1. Economy

You only pay the actual cost of using the vehicle, which is around 40 to 50% of its value throughout the contract. Financing without the contribution of your vehicle.

  1. Serenity

A pleasure to drive a new car.

What is a lease with the option to buy?

Leasing in the loan is undoubtedly the formula most suited to this beginning of the century. It meets new mobility standards and promotes the renewal of the vehicle fleet by focusing more on the use than the purchase of a car.

The purchase of a car in the loan is a leasing financing for individuals, which consists in renting a car for a fixed period (from 24 to 60 months) and a defined number of kilometers. The loan car rental with or without contribution is an all-inclusive financing solution. This means that you can monthly pay the rental of the car and all the ancillary costs (extended warranty, maintenance, and driver assistance offered by the auto agent).

Finance a new or used car lease with the option to buy

Whether you choose a new car or a recent second-hand model with low mileage, in both cases, you can finance it by leasing it under the same conditions.