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What Is Carthage Federal Savings And Loan?

Carthage Federal Savings and Loan is a savings and loan association that was founded in 1969. It has its main office located in Carthage, United States of America. The company offers residential real estate loans, commercial real estate loans, and mortgage-related services for its clients. The depositors can choose from several deposit accounts to suit their preferences.

The Savings Account gives the depositor a great rate of interest on their deposited money. The Money Market Deposit Account also allows the depositor to get a better rate of interest but with a greater amount of flexibility by giving him or her easy access to their funds through ATM/Debit card withdraws or checks made out to themselves or any other individual they select. There is also the Advantage Account that offers the same features as a Money Market Deposit account but with one difference that it allows the depositor to write checks up to six times a month if he or she wants. This account also has an interest rate that is more than 2 times greater than that of regular checking accounts offered by flat institutions like schools, churches, etc.

The company offers free online banking for its depositors who can use their computers to access their accounts anytime they want. There are mobile apps available for download on any smart phone or tablet device, and these allow the user to check his or her balance, make transfers between accounts, and even send money electronically through email addresses of other banks in Carthage Federal Savings and Loan Holding Company Incorporated network. For deposits, there is a secured loan program that offers loans to anyone who wants. This is basically a second mortgage, and the client has the option of getting this or not. The company does not lock clients into any one particular rate as interest rates are ever-changing and depend on many factors such as the amount borrowed, term of the borrow, etc.

Apart from those offered by flat institutions, Carthage Federal Savings and Loan Holding Company Incorporated also offers its customers free use of safe deposit boxes for their valuable items like papers, jewelry, gold coins, etc. There is also an ATM at each branch location that allows depositors to withdraw money without having to pay any fee whatsoever if they only make transactions using their own bank cards (Carthage Federal Credit Union or other bank cards). ATM users with cards issued by other banking institutions are charged a small service fee.

Depositors can even avail themselves of 24/7 phone banking services that allow them to access their accounts through the use of an automated phone system. The company also offers authentication options for its website, mobile apps, and telephone systems, including Verified by Visa for online shopping security, FIPs Fraud Protection Program, or Secure Key technology, which is used in its telephone systems.