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Will Longer Car Loan Life Hurt Consumers?

The common car loan was 44 months in 2006. Today, it’s 66 months and even longer loan lifes are available.

Cars have be much more expensive as a result of entertainment systems and other integrated technology. Every one of these must haves are driving average car cost up.

As you drain every last mile from your old car you begin to locate a new car. But a lot of people don’t have the income they’d pre-recession. So, this trend drives individuals to stretch loans over longer periods. These longer loans end in less car sales in the future. If you’d like to turn in your vehicle in 5 years but are still in the loan it’ll take longer to be able to flip your vehicles value since you still owe so much on it.

Longer loans usually mean larger principle. The upsurge in loan life shows that folks are buying more costly cars, probably ones they can’t afford.

The common new car costs $30,000, but the average family can just only afford between $20,000 and $25,000.

The longer loans takes away from your savings. When you’re out of money every month because of one’s unaffordable car payment you are losing money that might be put to other uses.Honda Motor Company says it offers the fewest quantity of long car loans on the market – primarily since it wants its customers to still have equity within their vehicles once they finish paying off the loan. Most car companies make the longer loans widely available.

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A small number of companies get as many as 40 to 50% of their customers into loans of 74 months or longer where point most cars equity or resale value is greatly diminished.

So, if you’re offered a protracted loan life to get approved make sure its right for you.  The longer life may put one to far in debt. Consider how much car you need and how long you are able to pay on it while still saving.

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